PAFA x I.P. Guglielmo Marconi

31st October 2023 /


/ Donation

Pafa’s commitment to local schools continues.

Together with the textile machines production companies of the Industrial Association fo North Tuscany, we have signed the “Friends of Marconi” collaboration protocol. The project lays the foundations for an effective collaboration between the mechanical and mechanical-textile companies of Prato and the Guglielmo Marconi  Institute, which has always trained young people in the field of mechanics.

Due to the various reforms of this kind of schools that have occurred over time, the industrial mechanical branch of the Marconi institute was replaced a few years ago with other kind of mechanics stydies but very far from the needs of the Prato industrial textile district (for example operators for motorcycles and engines)

Thanks to the “Friends of Marconi” project, we were able to revive the industrial mechanics branch of the school which now takes the name of “Made in Italy” and which currently have two classes of young students in training. In addition to sharing the “Made in Italy” educational program between schools and companies, company visits for the third classes as well as internships for the fourth classes have been included as part of the curriculum.

The first company visit to Pafa took place last October 31st: a precious moment to introduce young students to company life,  organization, production cycle and to give substance to the theoretical/practical aspects studied at school.