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/ Certification

A new certification adds to our path towards environmental sustainability.

Speaking about the sustainability of industrial production it is necessary, among other things, to get awareness of the impact that the product has on the environment at the end of its working life. For this reason we considered  important, continuing on our path towards sustainability and social responsibility, to join the process to measure the Machinery Recyclability Index promoted by Acimit and Assomac in collaboration with Rina Consulting. The new “Recyclability Index” indicator, which is part of the broader “Sustainable Technologies” project, calculate the recyclable portion of a machine at the end of its life, i.e. the portion of waste materials that are reintroduced into the production cycle, rather than be sent for disposal, thus giving us the measure of the relative environmental impact. The higher the recyclability index of a product, the lower its environmental impact.

To calculate the recyclability index of a textile machinery it is necessary to evaluate the disassembly of its mechanical groups and the separability of its components. To calculate the index, the work can also be very detailed and complex, depending on the characteristics and complexity of the machinery.

We started the evaluation of our products from the best known model, the LEGAFIL 100 machine.

Its recyclability index is defined by these two indicators: Maximum potential recyclability (the ability to be separated from unsorted waste) equal to 85%Share of material recyclable at the end of its life equal to 63%.

An excellent result that pushes us with enthusiasm towards the next goals!